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Jasper is a young (3ish) healthy mouse hunting machine, BUT HE HAS GOT TO GO ASAP! neutered earmite free dewormed late August I recently started hatching my own laying chickens, and he has started stalking them. He killed and ate one and now he's got to go. He needs to keep the mice down for someone who doesnt have chickens, or doesnt free range them. Please. He was stalking them again last nig...
We just got this Dog and the d ring on his collar came off. He was here at 30 and at 4 was gone. He's only 8 months old. We are by Unger feeds south of Mitchell. If u see him please contact 204 346 2244 or 204 380 2275. Thx
La broqurie area.first person! Bring 2 boxes.So mother doesnt step an hurt babys while moving them plz
I have 8 brown chickens ( rhode islands) approximately 2yrs old. Still laying. Would like gone this week. Pick up is near LaBroquerie. $5 ea.
Glass plate. Beautiful design. Perfect condition (no chips or cracks). Pepsi can beside for size reference. Use it as a serving plate or display as a decorative piece. Price is o.b.o.
Selling 10 ISA Brown hens. Approx. 1 1/2-2 years old. Still laying. Just finished molting. Free range and fed organically. Pick up in Grunthal. FCFS. Quick pick up preferred. $5.00 ea.
50 alfalfa / hay bales for sale from this year (2021) second cut. 75%alfalfa and 25% hay. Small squares. This field was seeded last year with special horse blend and no chemicals used on field. Field cut Sept 3 2021 and baled Sept 8 2021. Lots of leaf and good colour. Due to the heavy dews we had there is a bit higher moisture. Asking $7.50 per bale or $8.00 per bale delivered if within 30 minu...
10 weeks old. Cross bread. The brown one is unavailable.
10 weeks old. Cross bread. The brown one is unavailable. 7obo
Selling a 6 month old rooster. Reason for selling have to many at the moment. Good size already.
I have 5-6 barnyard mix chicks for sale. 2 weeks old. Hatched out by my banty hen Lucy . She hatched 11 of 13 eggs and is the mama of the chicks. I am keeping some chicks and the hen is NOT for sale. The papa is either a Colombian Rock or Rhode Island Red/Ameraucana ( see the last picture). Asking $2/chick or take 6 for $10. Located just outside of Steinbach.
Multiple cockerels, hatched May/June 2021. Crosses between Roosters (fathers) -grey Jersey Giant -black Croad Langshan -and- Hens (mothers) -brown Ameraucana -black Croad Langshan -black and splash Jersey Giants -white Leghorn Not selling any pullets at this time.
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