More Filters
Works I can't find the cord for it, it's also solar powered good sound I just don't use it at all and trying to declutter. $20
We got a better speaker system for our aux connection and no longer need it. Also supports old school ipods, CDs and radio.
Plugs into wall, has places plug in for phones on the back. Has a lamp on the top, and radio and bird chirping setting. The peaceful bird setting should be enough to sell you on it.
Genre: Biography Format: Paperback Condition: GUC Publisher's Synopsis: Ever since he was young, John Robison longed to connect with other people, but by the time he was a teenager, his odd habits an inclination to blurt out non sequiturs, avoid eye contact, dismantle radios, and dig five-foot holes (and stick his younger brother, Augusten Burroughs, in them) had earned him the label social dev...
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